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Hybrid Manicure CND Shellac

Its innovativeness has the feature of having the best properties of a nail polish or gel in one nail product. Shellac is delicately applied just like the proper polish and later it is hardened by the UV light where it gets stiff and the gel glow.

It is odorless and non scrub.


  • The permanent color for 14 days without any chipping, imperfections and the risk of damaging the natural nail plate
  • The non-filing styling for the time of 2-3 weeks
  • Doesn’t require the invasive nail filing
  • Gives the permanent and unique glow
  • Dissolvable in acetone, enables removing the stylization without filing.
  • The drying time 0 minutes.

Indications :

  • uneven nail plate
  • unattractive appearance of hands
  • dry skin on hands

Contraindications :

  • onychomycosis and yeast infection around the nail within the treatment area
  • nail warts
  • inflammation and allergies
  • infections of nails and the surroundings area
  • injury within the treatment area

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