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Ingrown toenails


Ingrown nail syndrome is a disease which, apart from aesthetic factors, causes pain. In case of the ingrown nail, there is constant pressure of the nail edges on the nail wall, which results in pain.

The disorder is mainly relates to the toe nail, and especially the hallux, less often 5th toe or fingernails.


  • Microcirculation disorders in the course of various vascular diseases
  • Improper technique of cutting (too short cutting, leaving sharp or jagged edges, too deep cutting of the lateral edge of the plate)
  • Mechanical injuries of the big toe
  • Improper footwear
  • Heredity (long toes, abnormal nail growth, wide or bent nail plate)
  • Orthopedic lesions (toe deformities, hallux valgus, flatfoot)
  • Overweight

The basic criteria for the diagnosis of ingrown nail are: swelling, redness and soreness around the nail walls. The pain initially occurs to the touch, later there is a continuous pain. Then, as the nail grows into the surrounding soft tissues, inflammation becomes more severe and, consequently, the formation of granulation tissue called "proud flesh" may occur. Such condition can lead to bacterial and fungal infections if untreated, paronychia or inflammation and necrosis of bone hallux may follow.

What we do:
We apply individually-fitted corrective braces. The purpose of all braces is to lift all of the staples of the side nail wall in order to prevent the ingrowth. The braces have two aims:

  • First, the nail flattens - together with the bed
  • Second, due to the tension of the correction braces, the burden is taken off the nail wall, as the cause of the pain is removed

BS and BS Quick Clams
It is applied by sticking to the nail plate, which is a painless procedure. Depending on needs, the clam can shape the nail plate on one or both sides. The advantage of this brace is that it is also applicable in the case of thin and brittle nails.

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