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Carboxytherapy refers to the treatment using carbon dioxide gas. Carboxytherapy is a safe, holistic treatment, consisting in cutaneous administration of CO2. A large treatment area is covered with a minimum number of injections. The organism interprets CO2 application as a sign of hypoxia. The first effect is blood vessels expansion and increased blood flow. CO2 forms carbonic acid which, in combination with water, is decomposed into hydrogen cations and hydrocarbon ions. The tissue PH changes into acidic (hemoglobin releases oxygen atoms faster in the acidic environment), and the treatment area and the surrounding muscles are richly oxygenated. CO2 stimulates the skin to produce collagen.
 Carboxytherapy stimulates healing processes and encourages collagen repair. Series of treatments increases the number of blood vessels, which facilitates the elimination of toxins. The skin is healthier, elastic, firm, toned and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles improves. Carbonic acid resulting from application of CO2 dissolves fat cells and reduces cellulite. The treatment regulates water retention and boosts the lymphatic system. Carbon dioxide therapy has been applied to the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, scarring and other skin problems.
Carboxytherapy indications:
    stretch marks - 97% reduction!
    dark under-eye circles- 90% reduction!
    cellulite - 89% reduction!
    hair loss 
    localized fatty deposits
    sagging of skin and subcutaneous tissue following childbirth
    regeneration of hands
    facilitating liposuction process
    double chin reduction
    puffiness under the eyes
    drooping eyelids
    skin revitalization
    swelling around the eyes
    acne scars 
    naso-labial furrows

    cancer, chemotherapy
    heart diseases
    lung failure
    kidney failure

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