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CRYOLIFTNatural lifting laboratorium Filorga

CRYOLIFT is mostly the regenerative and lifting treatment of skin in the parts exposed for gravitation aging i.e. oval, cheeks, neck, neckline and abdomen.

Cryolift effects the tired and flabby skin which brings back its smoothness and brightness.

Cryolift operates on the level:

  • epidermis
  • the proper skin
  • the subcutaneous tissue
  • speeds up the microcirculation

Before the treatment we perform the external chemical peeling with the help of glycolic acid GlycoPeel, which loosens the epidermis cells and deeper skin layers, stimulates microcirculation, tissue regeneration and enables properties of NCTF gel transportation.

Specially designed for Cryolift treatment formula

The formula is based on 5 groups of biologically active compounds:

  • vitamins
  • amino acids
  • minerals
  • coenzyme
  • nuclein acids

Thanks to its properties, this product stimulates different metabolic and biological skin regeneration processes as well as stimulates the reconstruction of the skin tissue after injuries.

Natural and gradual effects:

  • Noticeable after the first treatment: the skin is moisturized and firm
  • The skin gets the homogenous color, becomes brighter, dense and firm.
  • The face is definitely younger and relaxed
  • The NCTF gel reacts on the causes of skin aging, not on the consequences.
  • General visible improvement of the quality and the skin appearance.

Indications for the treatment:

  • refreshes and activates the skin
  • brings back the previous oval and face outline
  • lifts up the dropping cheeks and firms the skin
  • firms the inside part of the arms, flabby abdomen and breasts skin
  • supports the stretch marks treatment

Contradictions for the treatment:

  • problems with the sinuses
  • herpes
  • migraine
  • colds

What should be remembered:

  • the satisfactory therapeutic effects can be gained only when it has the proper order, is done in series and finished. (is formed form 3 elements):
    • biostimulation with the help of different active ingredients (vitamin, amino acids and nucleic acids)
    • regulation of the tissue renewal (peeling treatments)
    • wrinkle correction (the final stage)
  • the properly chosen formulas for home use
  • the frequency of the treatments: the series of 8 treatments during 2 months 2 times a year

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