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Facial reflexotherapy

Face and head reflexology uses knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, founded on the concept of the free movement of energy in the meridians network. It stimulates the processes of self-regulation which facilitate self-healing. The therapy also facilitates accelerationmetabolic processes, detoxification and cleansing.

Reflexology massage leads into a deep state of relaxation, frees from negative emotions, allows total relaxation and forgetting everyday life. It has also a great impact on mental performance, improves concentration, memory and reflexes. Besides therapeutic effect, the massage is very beneficial for skin condition, strongly oxygenates and regenerates the skin of the face, strengthens the muscles and prevents the formation of wrinkles, significantly reducing the already existing ones.

The face is the facade of our personality, the reflection of our psyche and emotions. Unfortunately, apart from routine care, we underestimate the importance of its actual state. Reflexologist often deals with furrowsand bumps or even to form a gelatinous mass surrounding the bones of the skull just under the skin. These are deposits of unnecessary substances which normally should be expelled from the organism through the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, for some reason, they were left inside and begin to build-up in the bloodstream at breakneck speed and block the free flow of life energy in our body.

The treatment consists of several diverse forms. In the initial phase, we activate the work of our meridians, then we stimulate skeletal and muscular systems, finishing with emotional system, until we completely relax in the final stage, where the patient is usually in a deep relaxation, on the verge of sleep. It is the most important moment of our therapeutic effect, giving our system, relaxed and uncontrolled consciously, has the ability to "regulate" its balance to the current health needs of our body and spirit.

Facial reflexology is recommended in series of 6-15 treatments on weekly basis. The massage takes about 45 minutes. The first treatment is preceded by a thorough interview, in order to exclude contraindications.

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