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LED light

Light Therapy

The method is based on the use of appreciable part of the spectrum of light radiation to medical and prophylactic.

The color is characterized by the properties of light at a certain wavelength.

The depth of tissue penetration bythe rays depends not only on the wavelength, but also the condition of the skin, its moisturization, pigmentation, filling with blood, and other factors.

Blue light (420nm)


  • calming
  • anti-swelling
  • anti-inflammatory

Indicated for:

  • sensitive skin
  • rosacea
  • acne vulgaris
  • allergic dermatitis

Red light (615nm) penetrates deep into the skin and triggers a series of reactions in the cell


  • calming
  • accelerates the regeneration process
  • muscle relaxation

Indicated for:

  • mature skin
  • dry skin
  • hyperpigmentation
  • problematic skin
  • to improve circulation
  • dermatosis and other skin diseases without inflammatory elements

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