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Vitamin C 40% Agera
The facial anti-aging regeneration treatment redusing the aging symptoms.

Agera - the skin renewal activation
Discover the beauty thanks to the most advanced skin care formula.

The Agera line, as the first in the world, uses the bio emulsion using the hermetic nano cells including elements preventing the skin aging which get to the deepest skin layers. The peptide growth factors which form the most important component of the Agera line stimulate the cells for their regeneration. The visible results provide the anti dioxides protecting from the free radicals and by retinol which smoothes the shallow and deep wrinkles.

The Agera peeling line allows non invasive treatments preventing the skin aging and the acne.

The series of Anti-Aging treatments stimulates the deep cell regeneration by activating the production of new collagen and elasticin. It helps with the gentle elimination of deep wrinkles leaving the skin much firmer, smoother and more radiant.

The series of anti acne treatment allow the proper care of the acne skin, limiting the risk of appearance of after acne scars. Perfectly cleans blocked skin pores and eliminates the acne soreness.

The line Agera is a revolutionary method treating the acne which takes advantages of technologically advanced products for the skin care. The proper choice treatments and the products allows reducing the risk of the post acne scars in the future. In the Agera  line, the active peptides have been used in order to eliminate the bacteria causing the acne, at the same time stimulating the collagen and elisticine production without causing any soreness.

The acid salisid and ascrobic acid used in Agera give perfect effects by limiting the infections and the number of bacteria, at the same time reducing the intensity of forming the new acne skin changes.

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